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Add My Friend
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This is an add me community where you post ads for YOUR FRIENDS. Tell everyone how awesome your favorite LJ friends are.


People can't always describe themselves well in add me communities. Isn't it always easier to talk about someone else, than to talk about yourself?

Everyone is looking for something different in their LJ friends. Now they can hear from you exactly what they're getting.

Your friend who you write about will feel all warm-fuzzy-love-famous

Your friend might write about you and then you will feel warm-fuzzy-love-famous too!!v

Don't post an ad for yourself. This community is for writing ads about your FRIENDS.

If you don't know what to say, you can copy and paste these questions, and then answer them about your friend. If you do know what to say then breeze right by these. If you DO choose to fill it out, answer honestly. There is no judgement here.

1. What is your friend's vital stats (journal name, age, etc)?
2. How long have you known your friend and where/how did you "meet"?
3. How often does he or she update?
4. What kind of entries are in this journal (daily life, thoughts, book reviews, etc)?
5. How often does your friend post pictures?
6. How does your friend feel about lj-cut (uses is faithfully, doesn't know it exists)?
7. Does your friend post memes and surveys?
8. What is the drama factor of your friend's journal?
9. How often does your friend comment?
10. Do you communicate with your friend off live journal (IMs, email, snail mail, phone, in person)?
11. What is your friend's writing style?
12. What makes your friend so awesome?